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Titan Poker bonus code tporg

Playing poker online for real money is fun and entertaining. However winning money or even breaking even playing online is much harder than most people think.

An online poker room takes, on average, between 3 to 5 cents off every dollar in bets made to keep for themselves; this is called “the rake”. Competition at even lower stakes tables and tournaments is more competitive than ever. Anyone can go on a hot streak and tear it up over a week or so, but only a select amount of players can consistently come out on top. The only chance most players have, especially new players with smaller bankrolls, is to take advantage of bonus codes poker sites offer to get an extra leg up on the competition. Titan Poker offers a 200% initial deposit bonus match up to $2000. This means a mere 1000 dollar deposit can turn into 2000 dollars! 1000 extra dollars coming from someone else’s pocket to be used to play poker online can change your life. You can go from a break even player to a profitable player with this extra money or you can go from a poor player to a break even player. $2000 allows you to enter more tournaments, play at higher stakes, and gives you free experience. It is almost impossible to “make it” in the online poker world with a very small starting bankroll. Even poker greats like Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth would have a difficult time starting out with just 100 dollars. All it takes is a few bad plays or bad beats before you are done. So, when you start playing, enter the Titan Poker bonus code tporg and receive 200% up to $2000!

You do not have to jump through hoops to become eligible for Titan Poker deposit bonus. Click this link to go to Titan’s site. When signing up for your player account you will have to fill out personal information such as your E-mail address, full name, and you’ll need to create a password.  In the bottom right of the signup page there is a discrete box that asks you for your coupon code, simply put in Titan Poker bonus code tporg and you will be eligible for the bonus! The standard poker bonus is usually a 100% deposit match up to around $200, which is still an excellent bonus, but it is clear that Titan Poker goes above and beyond when it comes to offering new players incentives to sign up for their site.

The deposit bonus is released in increments of five dollars based on how much you play. You have up to 90 days to unlock the bonus; three months should be plenty of time for you to unlock the bonus assuming you play regularly. This is not a scam, there are no tricks here, Titan Poker wants to attract new active players to help bring in business and strengthen their brand. New players want hundreds of extra dollars just for playing poker online.  Business dealings are meant to make both parties better because of it, while it does not always work out that way this giant initial deposit bonus can.