Real Money

Playing poker online for real money is a ton of fun, as long as you at least break even. Assuming you do break even you are being entertained for free, going to a sporting event or the movies can cost you hundreds of dollars monthly in comparison. Here is a quick guide on how to play poker for real money at Titan Poker:

1. Play a level down.  If you consider yourself to be a high roller, but you are still struggling to break even, play at mid stake tables. If you play at tables and tournaments with an average blind structure and average bet do not be afraid to venture into low stake tables. It is no secret that the higher levels you play at online, the tougher competition you will face. It is fairly obvious that playing at lower stake tables and tournaments it the right choice for all online poker players not inside the top 5 or 10 percent as far as skill goes. Players at lower stake tables do not take the game as seriously, they do not know the intricacies of the game… they are simply not as good, therefore significantly easier to beat.  Disregard your ego and at least give playing at a lower stake cash game table a try. Competition at Titan Poker is average at best, so you should be able to mop up on the competition at smaller stake tables if you have any idea what you are doing.

2. Take advantage of bonuses and freerolls! This seems obvious, but you have no idea how many players pass up opportunities to “earn” hundreds of free dollars or pass up invitations to free rolls that have 4 figure prize money on the line. Almost every online poker site has a decent bonus structure and freeroll selection, but Titan really goes above and beyond here. Upon joining Titan you will be eligible for several freerolls with big time prize money at stake.  Your initial deposit can earn you up to $500 with the bonus being released in small, five dollar increments. A .500 player [someone who breaks even playing poker for real money online] will always be a .500 player over time until they make an effort to change something. A great way to break out of a “rut” is to receive hundreds of dollars just for playing poker, whether that is by taking deposit bonus money or taking home a nice jackpot in a freeroll tournament.

3. Do not ignore tournaments. So many players virtually forget about tournaments and only focus on playing cash games. Some players are meant to play cash games while others excel in tournaments. The only way you will ever know which type of player you are is by giving tournament play a legitimate try. Titan Poker has a great selection of tournaments available with buy ins ranging from 1 dollar to thousands of dollars. You can play at very low stakes until you get a good feel for the flow of an online poker tournament and then slowly move up the ranks. Only a small portion of players in a tournament actually finish in the money so it is important to play dozens of tournaments at lower levels before giving up on them.  Nothing feels better in online poker than knocking someone out, finishing well in the money and making a great return on your investment [buy-in].

4. Although it can be tough to do you have to learn how to walk away after a tough loss when playing poker for real money at Titan Poker. Playing on tilt is a recipe for disaster, emotion does not win poker hands but it can certainly lose them for you. If you are in a cash game and you suffer a bad beat or you lose a big hand simply log off and take a break.  If you are in a tournament and you suffer a big loss but you are still in it do not hesitate to fold the next hand or two while you gather yourself.  You cannot do anything I know of to improve your luck in poker, but you can control yourself and your actions. Poker is a game of skill, part of the skill involved comes down to your ability to control yourself.