Everyone loves freerolls, does it get any better than being able to play a tournament for free with the possibility of taking home big time cash? It is a match made in heaven for online poker rooms. Poker rooms like to offer freerolls to players to keep their players happy and “give back” to their players in a way different than the standard bonuses and VIP clubs. Titan poker has an excellent freeroll structure.

Upon making your first deposit, whether it is the minimum required deposit at Titan Poker or thousands of dollars you receive tokens to participate in freerolls. Every month the amount of tokens given out and the money available varies, but most months more than 2 thousand dollars is up for grabs in tournaments that cost you nothing to buy in to. Freerolls have no strings attached; you are simply playing against other players around the world, for potentially thousands of dollars, for free.  In addition to the new depositor’s freeroll Titan Poker offers each month, they also offer freerolls for making deposits each week. Thousands of dollars are up for grabs each week depending on the particular promotion Titan runs.

Please remember that you will not face the same level of play and style of play in freerolls as you will in actual tournaments and cash games. Players rightfully feel that they have nothing to lose when playing a freeroll, so expect very loose play. Table position, pot odds… none of this matters to most players when they are in a tournament that cost them nothing to join. Luck is still an important aspect in poker, you could play a trained dog in poker and lose once or twice, but over time the better players will win. Do not throw away a great opportunity to participate in a freeroll by going all in with a jack ten off suit, take your time and pretend that you actually ponied up some cash to play in the tournament.

The most difficult part about a freeroll is getting through the beginning stages, where the lower two thirds of players are weeded out.  These are the mindless players that decide to go all in before seeing their hand.   Once you are at the mid to late stages of a freeroll you have a tough decision to make, should you continue to play conservatively and watch everyone else knock each other out, or should you aggressively attempt to take the overall chip lead? This all depends on what type of player you are.  If you are the aggressive, “bully” when it comes to online poker, do what you do best. If you are the passive player that plays the percentages, go with that option. Do not worry about the chip lead or what you need to do to finish in the money, play to your strengths and make good decisions. The worst case scenario is that you get knocked out, losing absolutely no money and gaining knowledge and experience.

Freerolls present great opportunities to players to harness their skills without cost while having the possibility of adding cash to your bankroll. Titan Poker puts a great emphasis on freerolls, as long as you play consistently there will be plenty of chances for you to join a freeroll and have some fun.