It is clear that Titan Poker puts a huge emphasis on online tournament play, which is a huge plus.

The buy ins for poker tournaments at Titan Poker range between one dollar and thousands of dollars, which is great. This means players of all kinds can get in on the tournament action. The smaller the stakes the looser the play, in general. This means coming out ahead in a low to mid stake tournament comes down to playing conservatively and only making bets when you are in a position of strength. Remember, you can never lose a tournament if you never go all in. That may be the worst poker quote of all time, but it does have some truth to it. Titan Poker also has a great selection of sit and go tournaments.

If you are just looking for normal table play the size of an online poker room does not matter. However smaller sites cannot compete with larger sites when it comes down to tournament play. Titan Poker has roughly 20,000 players playing poker online at once at any given time. This gives them complete flexibility with regards to how to structure their tournaments.

Remember that tournaments are completely different than cash games. Roughly 30-50 percent of players come out ahead in each cash game setting while just 10% of players end up coming ahead after one tournament. You have to make every win count when playing an online tournament. Let’s pretend that you are playing a 100 person tournament with a modest 20 dollar buy in. The second place finisher of a 76-100 person tournament at Titan Poker receives 20% of the overall winnings while the 7th place finisher receives just 5%. The second place finisher of this theoretical tournament would take home 400 dollars, a profit of 380 dollars while the person finishing seventh would take home 100 dollars a profit of 80 dollars. The difference in skill level and overall play between the second and seventh best players in the tournament is negligible, meaning luck does play a large role in determining whether you make 380 dollars or 80 dollars off a well-played tournament.

The variety and volume of tournaments Titan Poker offers makes them an irresistible choice for all poker tournament players. Playing cash game poker for real money online is fun, thrilling, and potentially rewarding, but nothing can beat the thrill of placing in the money in a tournament or knocking someone out.

There is nothing holding you back from playing real money poker tournaments online at Titan except for yourself… Tournaments are an afterthought for most online poker rooms that is not the case with Titan. If tournament poker is one of your passions, you would be silly to pass up a chance to play at Titan Poker, especially when they offer a 500 dollar deposit bonus!